Chain lubes & waxes

Do you want your chain to run super smooth? Use one of our chain oils or chain waxes!

The right lubricant will protect your drive train against wear, corrosion and rust and will make it last longer. Choose a dry lube when riding in dry conditions, is it raining or are you riding in wet conditions? Use the Dynamic wet lube as your lubricant.  Our all round lube is the best choice in varying conditions.

For cyclists that, just as the riders from Team Jumbo-Visma, want to maximize efficiency, we have developed Speed Potion Wax.







Chain oil and wax

Do you use oil or wax to lubricate your chain? The choice is yours!

A well lubricated chain is not only more durable but also runs more efficiently. The right lubricant for your road bike or mountainbike reduces friction in the chain of your bike which ensures less wear. Besides that, your chain is also protected against rust and corrosion.

A chain oil for all purposes and weather conditions.

A chain oil for all conditions. With our bio all round lube you always have the correct oil on your chain. The high quality, biodegradable chain oil ensures a smooth and silent chain all year round and during all weather conditions.

For cyclists who like to do extreme rides or go bike packing we have added the Alpcross edition of our all-round lube the range. Easy to bring on multi day trips to ensure lubrication on longer rides.

Next to our all round chain oils, we also have weather specific chain oils in our range. Specifically formulated for the most demanding weather types. The chain lubricants ensure the best performance of your drivetrain in all conditions and are most used by pro teams.

During dry and dusty conditions, we advise to use a dry lube. This chain oil prevents dust and dirt from sticking to your chain.

To protect against rust, corrosion, mud and snow a wet lube is the best choice. If you are planning to go out during serious rainfall, our Rainy Day Lube is definitely the best choice. This chain oil ensures a smooth and well protected chain in even the most extreme conditions. It sticks to your chain even during heavy rain.

Does an e-bike need a specific chain lubricant?

Our answer is yes! Electric bikes face very different forces than bikes that are not powered by an electric motor. Our e-bike specific chain oil is able to withstand the extreme forces and protects against rust, corrosion, dirt and wear.

Chain tattoos are a thing of the past thanks to chainwax!

Chain wax is the best lubricant for cyclists who prefer a clean chain that runs smooth and silent. Wax coats the chain and prepares the drivetrain for practically every bike ride. Our chain wax is biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

We have chain wax for various conditions and situations in our range. Slick Wax keeps your chain clean and smooth during almost all weather conditions. This chain wax is suitable for all road bikes, mountain bikes and gravel bikes.

Do you want the best performance from your drivetrain? Use our professional chain wax. Speed Potion Wax makes you faster by reducing friction. This lubricant is not only used by the pro’s but also developed together with pro teams from the World Tour peloton.

To make sure your bike is well maintained when training indoors in your Pain Cave, we have developed a specific indoor chain wax. Watts up Wax reduces the noise coming from your chain when riding on your indoor trainer, is super-efficient in dry conditions and does not release particles which ensures your training zone to stay clean.